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Some of you may know, that I love interior design, as much as clothes probably. Now I’m in personal heaven, because I have my new, empty apartment to decorate. I chose some boring shits like floors, tiles and doors, and now it’s the best part- furniture! I’ve got a milion pictures of spaces (I’ve been collecting them from 6 months, it’s really a million) that I consider interesting. (I’m showing them on facebook, or pinterest sometimes) and they’re presenting different styles- from mid-century modern, to Swedish design and English cottage. I like watching them, but they aren’t always “mine”. I don’t want to follow any interior trends, my plan is to buy stuff, that is timeless and good quality, it means also vintage things. Mixing old & new creates original and personalized apartment. You know that I love everything vintage. I have more respect for these things than for Ikea. And I don’t like modern, soulless, cold interiors. So I won’t have it! ha! Pros of being single!
Here you go- I chose some pictures which appealed most to me. I can be living in these spaces, right now! I love totally minimal interior designs, but I know it will be very hard (or impossible!) in my small apartment, while I’m a muddler and a collector. Last two pictures are showing the aparment in the same size as mine, so you can se with your own eyes, that it’s impossible to have it minimalistic, but it’s nice to have it wisely cluttered.

As a professional graphic, I  design my aparment in Photoshop- I’m pasting pictures and doing collages, haha, I will show you later!

Seeeee yaaa guuuys.

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woalka viktor

Some days all I need is a black ink and a brush.
And 5 minutes.
Maybe you don’t like the shits like these, buy I think that they may look good framed in simple, black frames.
I really need to do some prints!

Btw. that’s what I’ve drawn from!



MARC0345.450x675     MARC0362.450x675

MARC0217.450x675     MARC0113.450x675




It’s only a fast sketch, but usually I prefer something that I draw very quickly and it has something interesting that I like. It’s always unpredictable, I can spend whole evening on drawing and just a one “shit” is worth scanning. If you follow me on my facebook you know that I’ve tried to do something more sophisticated (klik). However I don’t feel it yet- I’m a hotheaded person and spending two days on a one work is toooo much for me :D




So there is news:


I don’t feel like posing is my vocation. I’m happy that it isn’t!
You know it best: everything has changed since I started my first blog and now, almost everyone is a blogger, but only a few are really good at it- hello, they are pros. So- I won’t post my outfits anymore. It was quite funny at the beggining, when I didn’t know what style I prefer and what suits me most, so by trial and error I found “myself”. Generally, I’m wearing boring clothes now, not worth to photograph it. Really. Let me describe: jeans/silk/cotton shirt + black/blue jeans, white/black t-shirt + jeans/leather shorts (& mix it). Everyone does it everywhere, so I can’t compete without amazing pictures, exotic trips, designer stuff and the most important: time :) Btw. after running a vintage shop for almost two years, clothes don’t seduce me like they used to. I prefer buying something ultra simple, but good quality and wear it in my boring way (OKAY I did some crazy bids on ebay) (but cheap!) (like for these designers) (pff nobody’s perfect).
I love fashion, I love the Internet and I’m on a constant basis with many fashion blogs. But it’s not my life. This site is my little place in the Internet and No Cigar and I don’t wan’t to abandon it. I’ll try to make it more mine. I don’t know what I will be posting- probably my art, inspirations and thoughs (the last one is the most dangerous for your innocent minds haha). Let’s see!

24/7 you can find me at my facebook and Instagram @koshdsgn






pics by Mateusz Węgrzyn

sweatshirt – zara / leather shorts – vintage / ring – by dziubeka / creepers – alexander wang

Pozdro z Priscilli! Nie mam niczego ciekawego do przekazania, ułomek taki sobie jestem ostatnio, niee chce mi się myśleć, dawać mi to słońce baterie trzeba podładować na nowo.  Aha, lepiej się czuję w takim looku, niż w takim jak w poprzednim poście, tam coś jest za grzecznie! Widzicie? Po to mam bloga. Do weryfikacji ;p