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Kaya Scodelario stars in a Salvatore Ferragamo film

kaya image via GQ Brasil

Kaya Scodelario well known as ‘Effy’ from Skins has been busy. Having starred in a few huge music videos, TV dramas and films such as Wuthering Heights. So it’s not surprise that she’s caught the eye of Salvatore Ferragamo as she stars in their romantic comedy alongside Lauren Hutton.

The romantic comedy called Walking Stories will be in eight short episdoes and airs on Ferragmo’s website bi-weekly.

The film takes Kaya Scodelario’s character across the globe, from Florence to Los Angeles and Shanghai. All three locations have some form of tie to Ferragamo. Directed by Gianluca Guadagnino the film definitely sets itself apart from other fashion house films so far.

Here are the first two episodes:

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