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When fashion editors wear runway looks

It’s a fierce battle: on one side the models on the runaway, styled to the exact whims of the designers in order to perfectly showcase the collections. On the other, the fashion editors: the women responsible for translating those looks to the pages of the magazines in a way that we can all relate to them. As soon as the lights turn off and the music starts, or even before the first model set foot on the catwalk, fashion editors have access to the newest, coolest, most coveted looks. You can be sure they’ll be just as photographed as the models themselves, or maybe even more. So, the big question is: who wears it better? Take a look at the images below and decide.

anna altuzarra


anna balenciaga

Anna Chanel HC

carine chanel hc

miroslava dior resort

All images: reproduction

By Roberta Graham

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