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Balenciaga x Alexander Wang Debut Bag

We have all been keeping a closer eye than usual to Balenciaga ever since Alexander Wang took the reigns. We have all been watching and waiting for the ‘series of firsts’. The first ad campaign, the first runway show, the first collection and now, the first bag collection.

Alexander Wang has always been known for making instant sell out accessories. His bags and shoes have been sought after since day one.
The first handbag collection that Wang has designed for Balenciaga is named ‘Le Dix,’ which means number 10, the original address where Balenciaga was founded.

The new collection is a move away from Balenciaga’s famous motorcycle bags. The new collection’s bags are extremely structured, and what we love about it is the fact that it doesn’t scream ‘Balenciaga’ or ‘label’. It’s a shift that we’ve noticed a lot of fashion houses have been making; slowly moving away from logo branded bags and more towards the sophisticated well structured bag.



image source: CR Fashion Book

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