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Grey Goose: Iconoclasts of Taste

Pushing boundaries, refusing to give up, and championing visions against all odds… no these are not the qualifying characteristics for wannabe astronauts; these are in fact the traits Grey Goose vodka has listed as imperative for participants of their latest initiative: Iconoclasts of Taste.


Just as François Thibault did when he incepted Grey Goose vodka in 1997 – noted for its eloquent taste and refined production methods – the infamous vodka brand is looking for the next talented individual(s) passionate about revolutionizing food and drink and celebrating how it can be much more stimulating than fish and chips on a Friday night.

A select few of England’s finest in the areas of food, drink and fashion will acknowledge, three boundlessly creative movers and shakers for their efforts toward refreshing our culinary landscape and encouraged to make their delicious dreams a reality.

The three groundbreaking foodies short-listed are destined to impress with their offbeat concoctions. Whether you’re looking for a doctor in food science (Rachel Edwards PhD), delectable insects to devour in the name of cuisine sustainability (Ento) or keen to know exactly what a pudding experimentalist does (Tasha Marks), the avant-garde trio will wow with their convention defying culinary projects. In order to showcase and introduce their awe-inspiring talents to a wider audience, a series of inspirational events will take place throughout the summer, aiming to encourage interaction and a deeper understanding of each vision.

Amongst the panel of established iconoclasts enlisted to share their knowledge and help in the search and selection of these innovative individuals is Giles Deacon, fashion designer extraordinaire. Noted as a key player in the revival of London’s dwindling fashion scene in the early 2000s, Deacon’s designs were a refreshing wave of individuality and creative flare at a time when a number of our homegrown talent favoured Paris to showcase their collections.

In a short film created exclusively in conjunction with Grey Goose vodka and the Iconoclasts of Taste project, Deacon discusses the challenges he faced as an emerging designer, who still showcases talent nonpareil today. Deacon shares his views on what makes iconic personalities and why nurturing a creative mind is becoming increasingly important if London is to maintain its imaginative reputation. A must-see for all ambitious types, the inspirational film will hopefully inspire and ignite enthusiasm amongst many. See the full video below.

text: Jodie Jones

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