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What happens when you ‘Mean Tweet’ a Celebrity

Social media has definitely closed the gap between the public and Celebrities, allowing Celebrities to reach out to their fans and vice versa. Probably one of the best social media inventions that allows for this to happen is Twitter.

It’s great for when celebrities want to clear the air about certain unflattering paparazzi shots, or when they want to promote an energy drink. But there’s a dark side to all forms of social media, and with twitter, it’s the fact that the public can talk back.

Thousands of people send mean tweets to celebrities everyday, and you have to remember, most of these tweets can’t be read by an assistant and then thrown away like normal fan mail, these tweets go straight to their own personal laptops, mobile phones etc. So chances are, they might just read it.

Jimmy Kimmel caught onto this fact (he claims he receives mean tweets too, we personally don’t believe it, why would you dislike someone that puts gold on youtube?) So Jimmy decided to explore the world of Celebrity mean tweets, and this is what happens:

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